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While the Otome games are a pretty niche genre of games that usually cater to women, Collar X Malice did well amongst the critics. CxM is always on the top lists of Otome games, and I could consider it one of the most successful Otome games because of how easy it is to relate to the characters and their struggle to define justice. Engulf in the beautiful art style The events led Shinjuku to go under quarantine, and the citizens of the district grew paranoid as they felt like there is no one to trust.

Ichika Hoshino, the main character, is a police officer who gets kidnapped by the terrorist group and places a collar around her neck that might poison her to death.

Having this collar directly involves her in the terrorist incidents. Each route with every suitor reveals parts of the mystery behind the terrorist group in thrilling, and sometimes action-packed, events. CxM follows the formula of a typical Otome game. Each route with each love interest is structured in six chapters and you can either have a good or bad ending depending on the choices you make throughout the game.

Other than the straightforward narrative gameplay where you pick a choice, there are some other game mechanics where you go with the elevator through the police building, shoot with a gun and investigate rooms. Through the first playthrough you can play the routes of the first three from the list, and after you have completed the first playthrough, you can pursue Shiraishi Kageyuki but I highly recommend you play it in the fourth run.

Finally, after unlocking every route, you can pursue Yanagi Aiji. Other than the main suitors, there are the side characters that added to the experience of the game and whom I enjoyed interacting with. The art of this game is gorgeous, and it is all thanks to Hanamura Mai. Honestly, all characters in this game are hot, and I wish some of the side characters would be love interests as well.

Other than the total beefcakes in this game, the backgrounds look very nice and clean as well. Also, the voice acting in this game is such a treat, which adds to the hotness of the characters. Have I mentioned that these 2D men are incredibly attractive? The retail price of Collar X Malice is Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 04 Sep am. BY: Ruxanda Onofrei. With a looming doom surrounding the city of Tokyo, in Collar X Malice you question what justice really is.

Even though this is a dating simulator, the story focuses on more disturbing topics such as how the justice system could fail people and how people take law into their own hands. Collar X Malice Story Engulf in the beautiful art style Gameplay and Characters Yanagi likes doing his business alone CxM follows the formula of a typical Otome game.

Price The retail price of Collar X Malice is Use the save files. More on this topic: otome games dating simulators Nintendo Switch japanese games japanese developer games Visual Novel playstation vita.

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Collar x malice free pc

Collar x Malice full game free pc, download, play. Collar x Malice buy. Each of these 40+ Collar x Malice Wallpapers has been community curated to work great as a wallpaper. Explore: Wallpapers. 4K Collar x Malice Wallpapers. Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) x – Video Game – Collar x Malice. Artist: Hanamura Mai. 1 2, 0 0. x – Video Game – Collar x Malice. Collar×Malice电脑版下载使用方法. 1、如果没有安装逍遥安卓模拟器,点击“下载电脑版”,下载好之后,在逍遥模拟器内的逍遥市场直接下载安装Collar×Malice手游。. 2、如果已经安装逍遥安卓模拟器,点击“下载安卓版”,下载好之后,直接拖动下载好的Collar×.


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While visual novel video games are collar x malice free pc rarity to the mainstream console platforms, Collar x Malice seeks to break the mold by offering engaging storytelling, a huge cast of characters, and meaningful choices—all in an effort to make itself standout among the droves of other genres with similar price-tags. In the same vein of something like the age-old breakthrough of visual novel video games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney—Collar x Mallice works to keep players interested, not by gameplay, but by the unfolding of a complex narrative.

While a majority of games nowadays prioritize gameplay over story—the joy of visual novel or otome video games collar x malice free pc in their intention to tell an interactive story. However, with games dating back all the way to something like Oregon Trail and reimagined by Netflix with something like Bandersnatch—Collar x Mallice is a great intro to the unique genre. With that in mind, the story branches to other detectives as they unravel the mysteries and your choices effect how it all plays out.

Otome games, a popular form of video game in Japan and moving rapidly to the West, are games that center around visual novel storytelling. While light on gameplay, they usually focus on engaging characters and center around romance. That being said, most otome games follow the theme of branching only towards the end of their stories, or the last quarter. The thing that sets Collar основываясь на этих данных Malice apart is that the various paths to take come only about a quarter into the main story.

That being said, it promotes multiple playthroughs to discover the various endings. As most fans of the genre expect, popular games usually offer a very stylistic approach to the drawings in the game.

Collar x Malice excels in this regard as all of its characters are drawn wonderfully, with various changes for their emotional state. Additionally, the arcs of each characters are rewarding, branching, and the heavier story collar x malice free pc are accented by quick-time events to engage the player more thoroughly.

That being said, the only other variants within the gameplay come from detective work to determine clues—however, with the inability to move on without collecting all clues in any given room—there is less tension to these scenes.

Like many games, Collar x Collar x malice free pc is relegated to a particular interest group. However, while the gameplay is limited, the narrative collar x malice free pc visual elements more than make up for its shortcomings. With collar x malice free pc in mind, if playing this game in English, there is a noticeably a lack of dubbed options for voice actors, and there can also be some frequent errors in text translations. All that being said, within the otome and visual novel genre—Collar x Malice stands out with a huge cast of characters /25914.txt exciting story beats.

Browse games Game Portals. Collar x Malice. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots A Different Medium for Storytelling While a majority of games nowadays prioritize gameplay over story—the читать далее of visual novel or otome video games is in their intention to tell an interactive story.

Overall rating: 6. See You Yesterday. GameFabrique


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