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Start your free trial. Hide This. I am so upset because I had successfully burned this DVDs and sent them to the client after testing. Learn more. But then a couple years down the road, they might pull some of them as they upload others. Adobe merely dropped Encore prematurely in CC. So my main questions are, what are the Video Previews exactly and how do they affect my edit?

DVD / Blu-ray creation – Adobe Support Community –


But there is no such codec under Blueray in H Do I need to download a codec somewhere? Or can I use one of these codecs without affecting my frame rate?

This webinar explains:. Confused on what it is i do with those folders and how i get it into media encode to successfully make it viewable on a dvd. Hmmm… MPEG-2 is an old codec, you should not need to download anything to get Premiere to support it.

If you are able, try exporting your file using AVC-Intra. This is a very high-quality codec available with Premiere on both Mac and Windows. Then, use that as your master file for AME to compress.

So my main questions are, what are the Video Previews exactly and how do they affect my edit? Any help would be so gratefully received. Thank you so much for all your advice. Or, what I probably mean is, make it more overt, and more straight forward, like FCP7 did. In FCP7, it was more technical, not as vague. Or, at least it was simple, where it needed to be simple, and complex, where it needed to be complex.

Rather than give us export options, give us three top export options. You make some excellent points. I agree there needs to be a clear method to output a file with the highest quality without requiring excessive configuration.

We need exactness. Thank you Larry, I found this short video really helpful. Great question. I have exported as advised for DVD and have ended up with 2 files.

What programme do you recommend using to actually burn to disk? Is finder ok? Please advise me the simplest way possible to burn these 2 exported Premiere files to a blank disc.

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Adobe Encore CS6.

December 8, , pm. Step 4. Once the export is done, you can open the project from Encore. When I try to import the video again using either the Adobe Dynamic Link or opening and import as a timeline yet, still hangs during the “settings for transcoding to prepare.


Adobe premiere pro cs6 export to blu ray free


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