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Check out Mini-Mediagazer for simple mobiles or Mediagazer Mobile for modern smartphones. About Preferences. Add Mediagazer to: My Yahoo! Refer to this page to reenable cookies. Top News:. It was an unbundling to rebundle. That’s it. Meant to take on roku but don’t believe it has made a dent. Reuters : Walmart talking streaming deal with Disney, Paramount, Comcast: report. People join for free shipping on dog food and get a video service they’ll never watch! The influx of CSR ads has helped stabilize Beltway outlets that used to rely mostly on advocacy ads.

Opposite of local news political cycle. Now there’s much more consistency. Here ya go: I’m so grateful to be a part of Axios. This team is amazing, and it’s wonderful to see a media deal that isn’t about cutting and synergies but rather about strategic investments, particularly in local news. Many Axios employees are in line for a pretty healthy payday.

And the same guy made both investment decisions: Alex Taylor Proud and humbled to have worked for such a talented — and fun! Congratulations to all, and I can’t wait to keep reading axios all over! This doesn’t interest me in the slightest and I hope and expect it won’t go through. Back in , at the dawn of in-app bidding, I proposed that real-time bidding for inventory would cause consolidation on the demand side. ATT is accelerating that.

They want to be together with them instead. If you believe the product key has been lost, stolen, or misplaced and you simply would like to buy a newer version of Office, you can click the button below to compare prices and options and to make your purchase.

If you’re shopping for Office elsewhere, we recommend that you review our tips for safer shopping to make sure you’re buying genuine Microsoft software. If you see an error message when you redeem your product key at Office. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest sellers who offer stolen, abused, or otherwise unauthorized Microsoft product keys for sale.

Table of contents. Office install. How to install Office. Redeem or activate. Office product keys. Activate Office. Install other apps. Set up mobile devices. Office updates. Upgrade to the latest version. Troubleshoot and uninstall. You just bought Office Where do I enter my new product key? My new Windows PC came with Office but I can’t find a product key I bought a product key card but there’s no key on it. You’re using Office Office prompting me for a product key Do I need a product key to reinstall Office?

View your product key Can I view my product key in Office? Get help with your product key Can I buy a product key? I lost or damaged my product key My Office product key isn’t working Contact support about my product key. If you bought a new, never used product key If you have a new, never used product key, go to www. If you bought Office through the Microsoft Store If you bought Office through the Microsoft Store you can enter your product key there.

Start any Office app, such as Word, Visio, or Project, depending on your purchase. Sign in to install Office Bookmark the site below so you always know where to go to install Office.

Sign in to activate Office If an Office app prompts you to activate, sign in with your Microsoft account instead of a product key. Use the right Microsoft account Make sure you sign in with the Microsoft account that you used to buy Office. No, you can’t. For security reasons, the full product key isn’t displayed within Office. Here’s how to view your product key in the Microsoft Store: Go to www. Need more help? In April , DreamWorks Studios optioned two stories from the satirical newspaper, “Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated”—which was to be written by former Onion editor and writer Rich Dahm—and “Tenth Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell” with an eye toward producing the latter as a family comedy.

I mean, what are they going to do? Add a sickly-but-adorable moppet? Beginning in the fall of to early , the company relocated its editorial offices from Madison, Wisconsin, to a renovated warehouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan New York City to raise The Onion ‘ s profile, expand the publication from being simply a humor newspaper into a full production company, as well as develop editorial content in other media—including books, television and movies—and engage more directly with Internet companies as far as advertising revenue goes.

In February , Miramax Films head Harvey Weinstein announced they had reached a first look agreement to develop scripts and features with The Onion. The popularity, and critical praise, of the issue resulted in The Onion ‘ s website’s online traffic nearly doubling in the weeks following the attacks.

In November , a humorous op-ed piece in The Onion that was satirically bylined by filmmaker Michael Bay titled “Those Chechen Rebels Stole My Idea” [70] was removed from the site without explanation. Entertainment industry trade magazine Variety theorized, “It’s not clear if Bay—a frequent object of The Onion ‘ s satire—requested the move.

The sale was a process that had been in the works since July and according to a memo from then owner Haise, “[Schafer] understands our quirky company and knows that we need some time to get to a higher level of operations and sales.

Buying it was a bit of a shot in the dark, but we felt we could get a handle on it. In , The Onion launched a YouTube channel, which was structured as a parody of modern American television news programs.

In Carol Kolb became the head writer of the Onion News Network with the role of the publication’s editor being taken over by writer Joe Randazzo. Randazzo first became a writer for The Onion in and—in his role as an editor—became the first editor of the publication that had no connection to The Onion during the publication’s initial Madison, Wisconsin, era.

In November , The Onion released Our Front Pages: 21 Years of Greatness, Virtue, and Moral Rectitude From America’s Finest News Source which was notable in not only compiling dozens of front pages from the publication’s history as a news parody but also showcasing front pages from the publication’s early, more casual campus humor focused era during the s when the publication featured headlines such as, “Depressed?

Try Liposuction on that Pesky Head. In July , various news outlets began reporting rumors of an impending sale of The Onion with further details of the sale to be made on Monday, July 20, Herman Zweibel stating he’d sold the publication to a Chinese company—Yu Wan Mei Corporation—resulting in a week-long series of Chinese-related articles and features throughout the publication’s website and print editions.

We are, in fact, still a solvent independently owned American company. In September , it was announced that The Onion would move its entire editorial operation to Chicago by the summer of The news of the move left many of the writers—who moved with the publication from Madison to New York City in —”blindsided”, putting them in a position to decide whether to uproot themselves from New York City and follow the publication to Chicago, which was already home to the company’s corporate headquarters.

At a comedy show on September 27, , then editor Joe Randazzo announced that he would not be joining the staff in Chicago. With the publication’s core editorial staff now based in Chicago, in March Cole Bolton—a Brown University graduate of business economics, former associate economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and research associate at Harvard Business School [] [] —was named the new editor-in-chief of The Onion.

Additionally, in March more insight into the internal issues surrounding the Chicago move—including an attempt made by the writers to find a new owner—are explored by articles in The Atlantic Wire [] and New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer. The Onion has always thrived on the youngest, greenest people.

In August , it was announced that a group of former The Onion writers had teamed up with Adult Swim to create comedy content on a website called Thing X.

According to the comedy website Splitsider , ” The Onion writers had nothing else going on, and AdultSwim. But only because they smelled a business opportunity.

Adult Swim is just looking at it from a business standpoint. In , The Onion received an email from Michael Cohen claiming that an article published about Donald Trump was defamation , and demanded that it be removed with an apology. In June , The Onion launched the spinoff website ClickHole , which satirizes and parodies so-called ” clickbait ” websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy that capitalize on viral content to drive traffic.

In November , Bloomberg News reported that The Onion had hired a financial adviser for a possible sale. Our advisors will continue to have those conversations and, hopefully, they will lead to the right outcome. Club centered on celebrity culture—was launched. We have less demand for a ton of new content for a brand. There’s demand, but we just overestimated what the demand is. McAvoy said in a memo to staff. To the basement you go, Pulitzers. In September , the site’s editor-in-chief Cole Bolton and executive editor Ben Berkley were stepped down from their posts.

The departures were partially due to disagreements about the direction the site was taking under the ownership of Univision. Club were reported. As stated an official Univision press release on the topic, “Univision Communications Inc. Club , and Clickhole —from Univision for an undisclosed amount. During The Onion print edition’s year run—from the publication’s initial creation in to the end of the print edition in —it was distributed for free in various cities across the United States and Canada as well as via paid mail order subscription to subscribers around the world.

By the time the print edition of The Onion ceased publication in December , it was only available in Chicago, Milwaukee and Providence. At its peak, The Onion had a print circulation of about , while the publication’s websites brought in more than 10 million unique monthly visitors.

Below is a list of all of the cities in which The Onion was distributed freely at different points from to As of , the current editor of The Onion is Chad Nackers. Since the first publication of Our Dumb Century in , The Onion has produced various books that often compile already produced material into collected volumes. It is also not the first time Onion, Inc.

Club Philadelphia city editor Emily Guendelsberger was the victim of an attack and—according to the Philadelphia Daily News —her job did not provide health insurance to cover hospital bills. According to the WGA, Onion News Network was the only scripted, live-action program that had employed non-union writers. After the show’s cancellation, a pilot for a new comedy series titled Onion News Empire premiered on Amazon.

The pilot was one of several candidates for production on Amazon, but was not ultimately selected. In , The Onion launched a series of YouTube videos produced by its ‘Onion Digital Studios’ division, funded in part by a grant from YouTube and exclusive to the site. In , New Regency Productions took over the production of the troubled project.

After two years of being in limbo , the film was released directly on DVD on June 3, Upon its release it was credited as being directed under the pseudonym of James Kleiner but is still directed by Kuntz and Maguire. Schafer with regards to a missing ” Executive Producer ” credit on the failed film. As stated in the lawsuit, “Onion, Inc. The core voice of the podcast was that of a fictional newsreader named “Doyle Redland” who was voiced by Pete S.

It was released in six parts and parodies other true crime podcasts such as Serial and My Favorite Murder. On January 16, , The Onion expanded its podcast formula to include The Topical , a news podcast which parodies the style and format of NPR drive-time news broadcasts. Occasionally, the straight-faced manner in which The Onion reports non-existent events, happenings and ideas has resulted in third parties mistakenly citing The Onion stories as real news.

Several commentators have characterized The Onion ‘ s satire as overtly political. Noreen Malone characterized the publication as having a left-leaning outlook by stating:. The best op-eds in the country are written by the staff of The Onion , though they’re often published as news articles.

The satirical paper [ Malone—like other pundits—specifically noted the publication’s sharp take on the Syrian Civil War , with David Weigel characterizing the publication’s stance as effectively being “…advocacy for intervention in Syria. Emmett Rensin claimed The Onion is an important if unintentional fomenter of Marxist thought in America:. But only one is breathing new life into a far-left movement mostly vanished since FDR dropped dead. It isn’t The Socialist Worker. It’s not The Militant , either.

Rather, the vanguard of revolution—the paper most dedicated to the overthrowing capitalism in the United States today—is none other than The Onion. According to Rensin, examples of indictments of false consciousness , commodity fetishization and valorization of the invisible hand also abound. Rensin attributes the material to the humorists’ need to work from “obvious, intuitive truth—the kind necessary for any kind of broadly appealing humor” rather than a conscious decision to promote Marxism.

Some of the publication’s political impact is unintentional. For example, the Onion ‘ s long-running caricature of Joe Biden as a blue-collar “creepy but harmless uncle” character is often believed to have positively affected the real Joe Biden ‘s public image.

In May , the former Onion editor Joe Garden published an op-ed in Vice to express his regret over the character, which he felt had distracted from serious concerns about Biden’s political record and personal behavior. In , President Donald Trump expressed confidence that his son-in-law Jared Kushner , whom he had just appointed as an advisor on foreign affairs, could bring peace to the Middle East.

An Onion article then made fun of the idealistic way in which Trump treated the long, complicated and bloody conflict as a mere organisational issue he could delegate, reporting that peace between Israel and Arabia was just too big for Kushner to achieve within the already started office week and now had to be shifted into the subsequent week.

The article was then passed around by White House staffers who were apparently alienated by Kushner’s appointment. In September , the assistant counsel to President George W. Bush , Grant M.

Dixton, wrote a cease-and-desist letter to The Onion , asking the publication to stop using the presidential seal , which it used in an online parody of Bush. The Onion responded with a formal request to use the seal in accordance with the executive order, while maintaining that its use was legitimate.

The letter stated, “It is inconceivable that anyone would think that, by using the seal, The Onion intends to ‘convey The post was deleted within an hour, but not before hundreds of angry responses. I think she can take it. On June 16, , The Onion featured an article of professional wrestler The Big Show being killed by WWE after a seven-year-old boy wandered into a steel cage during a live event in Indianapolis.

The article, meant to lampoon the real-life killing of Harambe , a gorilla in a Cincinnati zoo, received criticism for satirizing the murder of an actual person as well as leading many wrestling fans to believe Big Show was dead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American news satire organization. Main article: Onion News Network. Main article: The Onion Movie.

Paste Magazine. Retrieved July 24, Since , the majority of widespread viruses and worms have been designed to take control of users’ computers for illicit purposes. Programs designed to monitor users’ web browsing, display unsolicited advertisements , or redirect affiliate marketing revenues are called spyware. Spyware programs do not spread like viruses; instead they are generally installed by exploiting security holes. They can also be hidden and packaged together with unrelated user-installed software.

Ransomware prevents a user from accessing their files until a ransom is paid. There are two variations of ransomware, being crypto ransomware and locker ransomware. For example, programs such as CryptoLocker encrypt files securely, and only decrypt them on payment of a substantial sum of money. Some malware is used to generate money by click fraud , making it appear that the computer user has clicked an advertising link on a site, generating a payment from the advertiser.

In addition to criminal money-making, malware can be used for sabotage, often for political motives. Stuxnet , for example, was designed to disrupt very specific industrial equipment. There have been politically motivated attacks which spread over and shut down large computer networks, including massive deletion of files and corruption of master boot records , described as “computer killing.

Disttrack and Saudi Aramco August These categories are not mutually exclusive, some malware may use multiple techniques. A Trojan horse is a harmful program that misrepresents itself to masquerade as a regular, benign program or utility in order to persuade a victim to install it.

A Trojan horse usually carries a hidden destructive function that is activated when the application is started. The term is derived from the Ancient Greek story of the Trojan horse used to invade the city of Troy by stealth. Trojan horses are generally spread by some form of social engineering , for example, where a user is duped into executing an email attachment disguised to be unsuspicious, e. Although their payload can be anything, many modern forms act as a backdoor, contacting a controller phoning home which can then have unauthorized access to the affected computer, potentially installing additional software such as a keylogger to steal confidential information, cryptomining software or adware to generate revenue to the operator of the trojan.

Unlike computer viruses and worms, Trojan horses generally do not attempt to inject themselves into other files or otherwise propagate themselves. In spring Mac users were hit by the new version of Proton Remote Access Trojan RAT [43] trained to extract password data from various sources, such as browser auto-fill data, the Mac-OS keychain, and password vaults.

Once malicious software is installed on a system, it is essential that it stays concealed, to avoid detection. Software packages known as rootkits allow this concealment, by modifying the host’s operating system so that the malware is hidden from the user. Rootkits can prevent a harmful process from being visible in the system’s list of processes , or keep its files from being read. An early example of this behavior is recorded in the Jargon File tale of a pair of programs infesting a Xerox CP-V time sharing system:.

Each ghost-job would detect the fact that the other had been killed, and would start a new copy of the recently stopped program within a few milliseconds. The only way to kill both ghosts was to kill them simultaneously very difficult or to deliberately crash the system. A backdoor is a method of bypassing normal authentication procedures, usually over a connection to a network such as the Internet. Once a system has been compromised, one or more backdoors may be installed in order to allow access in the future, [47] invisibly to the user.

The idea has often been suggested that computer manufacturers preinstall backdoors on their systems to provide technical support for customers, but this has never been reliably verified. It was reported in that US government agencies had been diverting computers purchased by those considered “targets” to secret workshops where software or hardware permitting remote access by the agency was installed, considered to be among the most productive operations to obtain access to networks around the world.

The best-known types of malware, viruses and worms, are known for the manner in which they spread, rather than any specific types of behavior and have been likened to biological viruses. A worm is a stand-alone malware software that actively transmits itself over a network to infect other computers and can copy itself without infecting files.

These definitions lead to the observation that a virus requires the user to run an infected software or operating system for the virus to spread, whereas a worm spreads itself. A computer virus is software usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program that can produce copies of itself and insert them into other programs or files, and that usually performs a harmful action such as destroying data. Encryption-based ransomware, like the name suggests, is a type of ransomware that encrypts all files on an infected machine.

These types of malware then display a pop-up informing the user that their files have been encrypted and that they must pay usually in Bitcoin to recover them. Some examples of encryption-based ransomware are CryptoLocker and WannaCry. Grayware sometimes spelled as greyware is a term, coming into use around , that applies to any unwanted application or file that can worsen the performance of computers and may cause security risks but which is not typically considered malware.

Grayware encompasses spyware , adware , fraudulent dialers , joke programs “jokeware” , remote access tools and other unwanted programs that may harm the performance of computers or cause inconvenience. For example, at one point, Sony BMG compact discs silently installed a rootkit on purchasers’ computers with the intention of preventing illicit copying.

Potentially unwanted programs PUPs or potentially unwanted applications PUAs are applications that would be considered unwanted despite being downloaded often by the user, possibly after failing to read a download agreement.

Many security products classify unauthorised key generators as grayware, although they frequently carry true malware in addition to their ostensible purpose. Malwarebytes lists several criteria for classifying a program as a PUP. Since the beginning of , a sizable portion of malware has been utilizing a combination of many techniques designed to avoid detection and analysis. An increasingly common technique is adware that uses stolen certificates to disable anti-malware and virus protection; technical remedies are available to deal with the adware.

Nowadays, one of the most sophisticated and stealthy ways of evasion is to use information hiding techniques, namely stegomalware.

A survey on stegomalware was published by Cabaj et al. Fileless malware does not require a file to operate. It runs within memory and utilizes existing system tools to carry out malicious acts. Because there are no files on the system, there are no executable files for antivirus and forensic tools to analyze, making such malware nearly impossible to detect. The only way to detect fileless malware is to catch it operating in real time. Such attacks are not easy to perform but are becoming more prevalent with the help of exploit-kits.

A vulnerability is a weakness, flaw or software bug in an application , a complete computer, an operating system , or a computer network that is exploited by malware to bypass defences or gain privileges it requires to run.

For example, TestDisk 6. Malware may provide data that overflows the buffer, with malicious executable code or data after the end; when this payload is accessed it does what the attacker, not the legitimate software, determines. Malware can exploit recently discovered vulnerabilities before developers have had time to release a suitable patch.

Sometimes even applying patches or installing new versions does not automatically uninstall the old versions. Security advisories from plug-in providers announce security-related updates. Secunia PSI [74] is an example of software, free for personal use, that will check a PC for vulnerable out-of-date software, and attempt to update it.

Other approaches involve using firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to monitor unusual traffic patterns on the local computer network. Users and programs can be assigned more privileges than they require, and malware can take advantage of this. For example, of Android apps sampled, one third of them asked for more privileges than they required. Some systems allow all users to modify their internal structures, and such users today would be considered over-privileged users.

This was the standard operating procedure for early microcomputer and home computer systems, where there was no distinction between an administrator or root , and a regular user of the system. In some systems, non-administrator users are over-privileged by design, in the sense that they are allowed to modify internal structures of the system.



I get a “stopped working” error when I start Office applications on my PC.Problem with Publisher – Microsoft Community


Click Detailed display , and then click OK. Note If you receive an error message, go to step 8. On the File menu, click Open , and then click the publication that you saved in step 3.

If you can open the publication, the object or the object placeholder that you deleted in step 1 is damaged. Adjust your layout to the missing object or object placeholder.

Alternatively, draw a new object placeholder and replace the deleted object with one that is not damaged. To do this, use the method that is appropriate for your object source.

From the ClipArt Gallery. On the Insert menu, point to Picture , and then click Clip Art. From one of the available categories, click to insert the picture, the sound, or the motion clip that you want. Click to select the placeholder, point to Picture on the Insert menu, and then click From File.

If you cannot open the publication, repeat the “Configure Publisher to hide pictures” method. Then, go to step 8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 until you can open the publication with the Detailed display option enabled. If your publication file is located on a removable disk, such as a floppy disk or a Zip disk, Windows may not be able to read the file.

In this scenario, copy the file to the hard disk. If you cannot copy the file from the removable disk, the file may be cross-linked with other files or folders. Alternatively, the file may be located in a damaged sector of the disk. In either scenario, go to the “Run Error Checking on the disk” method. Run Error Checking to repair all errors on the disk. Instruct Error Checking to repair all cross-linked files and to convert lost fragments to files. Note Although Error Checking may determine that the publication file is cross-linked and then repair the file, this method does not guarantee that Publisher can read the file after Error Checking has finished scanning and fixing errors.

To run Error Checking, follow these steps:. Right-click the local disk that you want to check, and then click Properties. On the Tools tab, click Check Now under Error-checking. Under Check disk options , click to select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box. Then, click Start. When Error Checking finishes scanning and fixing errors, click Close. This method describes how to recover the text from your damaged publication and how to insert the recovered text into a new, blank publication.

You must then re-create the layout and reinsert all the objects from the damaged publication into the new publication. To recover text from the damaged publication and then insert the text into a new publication, follow these steps:. Use the Text Frame tool in Publisher or the Text Box tool in Publisher or in Publisher to draw a text frame on the blank page.

Click your publication, and then click OK. If you receive a message that states how the text that you want to insert fits on the page, click Yes. If you can open the publication in Safe Mode, use one of the following methods to re-create your publication. Note If you notice odd behavior in the new publication after you copy a page to the new publication, that copied page probably contains a damaged object.

In this scenario, use one of the following methods to work around this issue:. Copy one object at a time from the problem page to the new publication to determine which object is damaged. Then, make sure not to include the damaged object in the new publication. Hope they can help you. Open Publisher app in safe mode, then go to File explorer to open the file.

If issue doesn’t happen in safe mode, it may be caused by add-ins in Publisher. To open safe mode, you can right-click the Start button lower-left corner in Windows, and click Run. Repair an Office application microsoft. You may also perform a clean boot in Windows to determine whether a background program is interfering with Publisher file. If same issue still happens, we do understand the frustration and apologize for it.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. I’m having the same issue with Publisher in It impacts SOME images with frames, but others seem to be okayat least at the moment. For example, I can use drop shadows and the “vignette” frame the one that “feathers” the photo all around the image , but anything with an actual framelike a white border around the imageis an issue. It won’t let me select the photo to alter or remove it.

I’ve tried the fixes that you provided to the original questioner, but nothing has worked so far. Very sorry to hear about the issue, we do understand the issue has affected your work.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. According to your description, it seems like you cannot select photo to alter or remove it, the photo has frame around it. Any other inappropriate content or behavior as defined by the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct.

Any image, link, or discussion related to child pornography, child nudity, or other child abuse or exploitation. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 4 people found this reply helpful. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Microsoft PowerPoint has stopped working. Microsoft Visio has stopped working. Microsoft Publisher has stopped working.

Open any Office app, such as Word, and create a new document. To do this, follow these steps: Click the Search icon and type “run”, then click the Run app that appears in the search results. If this didn’t resolve your issue, click the next header, below. To do this, follow these steps: For Windows Select the Start button. Type “settings” in the Search box.

Select Windows Update. Select Check for updates. If updates are available, select Install. For Windows Select the Start button.

Select Check online for updates from Microsoft Update. If updates are available they should automatically be installed on your PC. For Windows 8. Click Change PC Settings. Click Check for updates now. For Windows 7: Click Start. In the search results, click Check for updates.


Microsoft Publisher keeps crashing – Microsoft Community – I just bought Office. Where do I enter my product key?


The influx of CSR ads has helped stabilize Beltway outlets that used to rely mostly on advocacy ads. Opposite of local news political cycle. Now there’s much more consistency. Here ya go: I’m so grateful to be a part of Axios. This team is amazing, and it’s wonderful to see a media deal that isn’t about cutting and synergies but rather about strategic investments, particularly in local news. Many Axios employees are in line for a pretty healthy payday.

And the same guy made both investment decisions: Alex Taylor Proud and humbled to have worked for such a talented — and fun! Congratulations to all, and I can’t wait to keep reading axios all over! This doesn’t interest me in the slightest and I hope and expect it won’t go through. Back in , at the dawn of in-app bidding, I proposed that real-time bidding for inventory would cause consolidation on the demand side.

ATT is accelerating that. They want to be together with them instead. IMO, it’s messy. I don’t believe in those synergy figures mentioned. Another example of a great product, Unity, not being the same as a great business.

The Wrap : New Warner Bros. You’ll get it when we cant sell another ticket. Lance St. Let the movies that are making money get a full theatrical run. Animation, please read this to make sense of what’s going on.

Discovery actually said about animation during its Q2 earnings call. It won’t spread as far as all the misinformation and conjecture on Twitter, but it will reach the pros who care about accuracy. We can’t find an economic value for it. Disney’s numbers next week will key. Curiouser and curiouser. Key line: ‘There’s no going back to the linear era of fat profit margins from traditional cable. Add to this the fall of TV from its Soprano-era high and the old cultural industries are flailing.

Toolkits : Major news publishers grow revenue with a blend of subscriptions and advertising — Subscription models aren’t right for every publisher, but some are building robust advertising and subscription businesses alongside each other. Welcome, mohitlohia! Can’t wait to embark on this next phase of ad innovation with you. I also spoke about how these influencers are getting financial support from western companies. Enter the travel influencer.

This research highlights continued work we’ve done for Columbia university about Assad’s disinformation network. About Mediagazer:. Mediagazer presents the day’s must-read media news on a single page. Latest News Finder:. Featured Newsletter:. Who’s Hiring in Media? Part-time Editor, Remote — Techmeme. Weekend Assignment Editor, Remote — Newsweek.

Energy Correspondent, London — Financial Times. Copy Chief, NY — Slate. Finance Reporter, NY — Fortune. Research Ed. Commerce Writer, NY — Engadget. Players can craft a wide variety of items in Minecraft. Some items have multiple tiers depending on the material used to craft them, with higher-tier items being more effective and durable. Players can construct furnaces, which can cook food, process ores, and convert materials into other materials.

The game has an inventory system, allowing players to carry a limited number of items. Players then re-spawn at their spawn point, which by default is where players first spawn in the game, and can be reset by sleeping in a bed [49] or using a respawn anchor.

Players may acquire experience points by killing mobs and other players, mining, smelting ores, breeding animals , and cooking food. Experience can then be spent on enchanting tools, armor and weapons. Hardcore mode is a survival mode variant that is locked to the hardest setting and has permadeath. In creative mode, players have access to nearly all resources and items in the game through the inventory menu, and can place or remove them instantly.

Adventure mode was designed specifically so that players could experience user-crafted custom maps and adventures. This forces players to obtain the required items and experience adventures in the way that the map maker intended.

Spectator mode allows players to fly through blocks and watch gameplay without directly interacting. Players do not have an inventory, but can teleport to other players and view from the perspective of another player or creature.

Multiplayer in Minecraft enables multiple players to interact and communicate with each other on a single world. It is available through direct game-to-game multiplayer, LAN play, local split screen console-only , and servers player-hosted and business-hosted. Single-player worlds have local area network support, allowing players to join a world on locally interconnected computers without a server setup. Operators can also set up restrictions concerning which usernames or IP addresses are allowed or disallowed to enter the server.

The largest and most popular server is Hypixel , which has been visited by over 14 million unique players. In , Mojang announced Minecraft Realms , a server hosting service intended to enable players to run server multiplayer games easily and safely without having to set up their own.

Minecraft: Java Edition Realms server owners can invite up to twenty people to play on their server, with up to ten players online at a time. Minecraft Realms server owners can invite up to people to play on their server, with up to ten players online at one time. On 31 July , Mojang released the beta version of the update allowing cross-platform play. The modding community consists of fans, users and third-party programmers.

Using a variety of application program interfaces that have arisen over time, they have produced a wide variety of downloadable content for Minecraft , such as modifications, texture packs and custom maps.

Modifications of the Minecraft code, called mods , add a variety of gameplay changes, ranging from new blocks, new items, new mobs to entire arrays of mechanisms to craft. While a variety of mod frameworks were independently developed by reverse engineering the code, Mojang has also enhanced vanilla Minecraft with official frameworks for modification, allowing the production of community-created resource packs, which alter certain game elements including textures and sounds.

Data packs, introduced in version 1. The Xbox Edition supports downloadable content, which is available to purchase via the Xbox Games Store ; these content packs usually contain additional character skins. In June , Mojang released an update known as the “Discovery Update” to the Bedrock version of the game. Before coming up with Minecraft , Markus “Notch” Persson was a game developer with King through March , at the time serving mostly browser games , during which he learnt a number of different programming languages.

Infiniminer , a block-based open-ended mining game first released in April , sparked Persson’s inspiration for how to take “RubyDung” forward. The original edition of Minecraft , now known as the Java Edition , was first developed in May Persson released a test video on YouTube of an early version of Minecraft.

The first major update, dubbed Alpha , was released on 30 June These updates included new items, new blocks, new mobs, survival mode, and changes to the game’s behavior e. On 11 December , Persson announced that Minecraft was entering its beta testing phase on 20 December Mojang moved the game out of beta and released the full version on 18 November Mojang was also approached by other companies including Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts.

Since the first full release of Minecraft , dubbed the “Adventure Update”, the game has been continuously updated with many major updates, available for free to users who have already purchased the game. The original version of the game was renamed to Minecraft: Java Edition on 18 September to separate it from Bedrock Edition , which was renamed to just Minecraft by the Better Together Update. The Bedrock Edition has also been regularly updated, with these updates now matching the themes of Java Edition updates.

It was then released for several other compatible devices on 8 October An Xbox version of the game, developed by 4J Studios , was released on 9 May Versions of the game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 were released on 17 December and 4 September respectively. On 20 September , the Better Together Update was released on the Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, and mobile versions of the game, which used the Pocket Edition engine to enable cross-platform play between each of these versions.

This version of the game eventually became known as the Bedrock Edition. The PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft was updated in December and became part of the Bedrock edition, which enabled cross-platform play for users with a free Xbox Live account.

Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational version of the base game, designed specifically for use in educational establishments such as schools, and built off of the Bedrock codebase. An initial beta test was carried out between 9 June and 1 November It was released to the App Store on 6 September On 20 May , Minecraft China was announced as a localized edition for China, where it was released under a licensing agreement between NetEase and Mojang.

The iOS version was released on 15 September , and the Android version was released on 12 October The edition is free-to-play, and had over million players by November Minecraft for Windows is exclusive to Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

The beta release for Windows 10 launched on the Windows Store on July 29, After nearly one and a half years in beta, Microsoft fully released Minecraft for Windows on December 19, Called the “Ender Update,” this release implemented new features to this version of Minecraft like world templates and add-on packs.

Other features include the ability to use multiple control schemes such as a gamepad, keyboard, or touchscreen for Microsoft Surface and other touchscreen-enabled devices. Virtual reality support has been implemented, as well as the ability to record and take screenshots in-game via the Windows built-in GameDVR. As of 7 June , the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft for Windows were merged into a single title for purchase; those who owned one version would automatically gain access to the other version.

Both game modes would otherwise remain separate. Minecraft 4K is a simplified version of Minecraft similar to the Classic version that was developed for the Java 4K game programming contest “in way less than 4 kilobytes”. Players are restricted to placing or destroying blocks, which consist of grass, dirt, stone, wood, leaves, and brick. A version of Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi was officially revealed at Minecon Players can open the game code and use the Python programming language to manipulate things in the game world.

The game was leaked on 20 December , but was quickly pulled off. It is preinstalled on Raspberry Pi OS and can be downloaded for free from the official Minecraft website.

Minecraft ‘s music and sound effects were produced by German musician Daniel Rosenfeld, better known as C For the tenth anniversary of the game’s release, Mojang remade a version of Minecraft Classic in JavaScript and made it available to play online. Environmental hazards such as lava do not damage players, and some blocks function differently since their behavior was later changed during development.

Around , prior to Minecraft ‘ s full release, there had been collaboration between Mojang and The Lego Group to make a Lego brick-based Minecraft game to be called Brickcraft.

This would have modified the base Minecraft game to use Lego bricks, which meant adapting the basic 1×1 block to account for larger pieces typically used in Lego sets. Persson had worked on the preliminary version of this game, which he had named “Project Rex Kwon Do” based on the joke from Napoleon Dynamite.

Lego had greenlit the project to go forward, and while Mojang had put two developers on the game for six months, they later opted to cancel the project, as Mojang felt that the Lego Group were too demanding on what they could do, according to Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan.

According to the Lego Group’s Ronny Scherer, the company was not yet sure of the potential success of Minecraft at this point and backed off from acquisition after Microsoft brought this offer to Mojang. Early on, Persson planned to support the Oculus Rift with a port of Minecraft. However, after Facebook acquired Oculus in , he abruptly canceled plans noting “Facebook creeps me out.

Early versions of Minecraft received critical acclaim, praising the creative freedom it grants players in-game, as well as the ease of enabling emergent gameplay. IGN was disappointed about the troublesome steps needed to set up multiplayer servers, calling it a “hassle”. A review of the alpha version, by Scott Munro of the Daily Record , called it “already something special” and urged readers to buy it.

Although reviewers were disappointed by the lack of features such as mod support and content from the PC version, they acclaimed the port’s addition of a tutorial and in-game tips and crafting recipes, saying that they make the game more user-friendly.

The PlayStation 3 edition also received generally favorable reviews, being compared to the Xbox edition and praised for its well-adapted controls. The Wii U version received generally positive reviews from critics but was noted for a lack of GamePad integration. Minecraft: Pocket Edition initially received mixed reviews from critics.

Although reviewers appreciated the game’s intuitive controls, they were disappointed by the lack of content. The inability to collect resources and craft items, as well as the limited types of blocks and lack of hostile mobs, were especially criticized. Reviewers complimented the controls and the graphics, but still noted a lack of content. Minecraft surpassed over a million purchases less than a month after entering its beta phase in early The free-to-play Minecraft China version had over million players by November The Xbox version of Minecraft became profitable within the first day of the game’s release in , when the game broke the Xbox Live sales records with , players online.

The game, including all of its versions, had over million monthly active players by September Microsoft and Mojang announced in that it would be changing the Minecraft End-user license agreement EULA to prohibit servers from accepting donations or payments in exchange for the donating or paying players receiving in-game advantages on such server, essentially banning servers from enacting ” pay-to-win ” PTW servers.

Mojang spokesperson Owen Hill provided examples of what it would and would not allow, saying company would allow for pay-to-play servers in which a player is required to pay a fee to access the server, or for cosmetic enhancements such as in-game costumes or pets , but that Mojang would be cracking down on paying to obtain powerful swords or potions.

The new crackdowns were supported by Persson, citing him receiving multiple emails from parents of children who had spent hundreds of dollars on servers. The Minecraft community and server owners, however, heavily despised the new change in enforcement and protested en masse, which included comparing Mojang to monolithic video game publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision , gaming companies often criticized online for their highly restrictive digital rights management and user license agreements.

Many argued that the crackdown would force smaller servers to close their doors, and some blamed the crackdown on Mojang attempting to suppress competition for its own Minecraft Realms subscription service. In , Mojang revealed that it would begin the process of requiring that Microsoft accounts be used in order to log into the Java edition of the game, and that older Mojang accounts would be sunsetted. The move to Microsoft accounts also required Java-edition players to create Xbox network Gamertags.

Mojang defended the move to Microsoft accounts by saying that improved security could be offered, which included Java accounts being able to use two factor authentication , players could block cyberbullies in chat, and improve parental controls. The community responded with intense backlash against this announcement, particularly taking issue to the various technical difficulties encountered in the process and how account migration would be mandatory, even for those who do not play on servers.

As of March 10, , Microsoft requires all players to migrate in order to access the Java edition of Minecraft. In June , Microsoft and Mojang announced it would be releasing a player reporting feature in all future builds of Java Edition.

In earlier development builds, players could report other players on multiplayer servers for sending messages that are prohibited by the Xbox Live Code of Conduct; report categories included substance abuse, hate speech, threats of violence, and nudity, though Microsoft in later builds has since excluded the profane language category from the player reporting feature.

If a player was found to be in violation of Xbox Community Standards, the player would be banned from all servers for a specific period of time or permanently. The update containing the report feature was released on 27 July Microsoft and Mojang received a large amount of backlash and protest from community members, one of the most common complaints being that the ban is a global one with no ability to opt-out, meaning a banned player would be forbidden from joining any server, even private ones that use no Microsoft services.

Others took issue to what they see as Microsoft increasing control over its playerbase and exercising more censorship of players. Players on social media, especially Twitter, started the hashtag saveminecraft, and some compared Minecraft and Microsoft to Nineteen Eighty-Four , going as far to call the update “1. In September , The Guardian classified Minecraft as the best video game of the first two decades of the 21st century, [] and in November Polygon called the game the “most important game of the decade” in its s “decade in review”.

Minecraft is recognized as one of the first successful games to use an early access model to draw in sales prior to its full release version to help fund development. Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit played a significant role in popularizing Minecraft.

The videos usually contain screen-capture footage of the game and voice-overs. By May , over four million Minecraft -related YouTube videos had been uploaded. Ultimate , the lattermost of which features a downloadable character and stage based on Minecraft.

The possible applications of Minecraft have been discussed extensively, especially in the fields of computer-aided design and education. In a panel at MineCon , a Swedish developer discussed the possibility of using the game to redesign public buildings and parks, stating that rendering using Minecraft was much more user-friendly for the community, making it easier to envision the functionality of new buildings and parks. He’s tricked 40 million people into learning to use a CAD program.

Using Minecraft , the community has helped reconstruct the areas of concern, and citizens are invited to enter the Minecraft servers and modify their own neighborhood. Carl Manneh, Mojang’s managing director, called the game “the perfect tool to facilitate this process”, adding “The three-year partnership will support UN-Habitat’s Sustainable Urban Development Network to upgrade public spaces by The first pilot project began in Kibera , one of Nairobi ‘s informal settlements, and is in the planning phase.

The Block By Block project is based on an earlier initiative started in October , Mina Kvarter My Block , which gave young people in Swedish communities a tool to visualize how they wanted to change their part of town.

According to Manneh, the project was a helpful way to visualize urban planning ideas without necessarily having a training in architecture. The ideas presented by the citizens were a template for political decisions. In , Stuart Duncan, known online as AutismFather, started a server for autistic children and their families, called Autcraft.

In April , the Danish Geodata Agency generated all of Denmark in fullscale in Minecraft based on their own geodata. Taking advantage of the game’s accessibility where other websites are censored, the non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders have used an open Minecraft server to create the Uncensored Library , a repository within the game of journalism by authors from countries including Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam who have been censored and arrested, such as Jamal Khashoggi.

Despite its unpredictable nature, Minecraft has also become a popular game for speedrunning , where players time themselves from being dropped into a new world generated by a random seed to reaching “The End”, and defeat the boss known as the “Ender Dragon”.

While the speedrunners that get the most attention use a combination of mods, external programs, and debug menus to get world records, other runners play the game in a more vanilla or more consistency-oriented way.

Minecraft has also been used in educational settings. The group works with Mojang to make the game affordable and accessible to schools. The version of Minecraft through MinecraftEdu includes unique features to allow teachers to monitor the students’ progress within the virtual world, such as receiving screenshots from students to show completion of a lesson. For an example, one teacher built a world consisting of various historical landmarks for students to learn and explore.

With the introduction of redstone blocks to represent electrical circuits, users have been able to build functional virtual computers within Minecraft. In September , the British Museum in London announced plans to recreate its building along with all exhibits in Minecraft in conjunction with members of the public.

After the release of Minecraft , other video games were released with various similarities to Minecraft , and some were described as being ” clones “. Markus Persson made another similar game, Minicraft , for a Ludum Dare competition in Minecon is the official fan convention dedicated to Minecraft annually.

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